Abortion Checklist

Abortion Health & Safety Checklist:

Consider these questions before any medical procedure that will end a pregnancy.

Have you had a confirmation of a viable, uterine pregnancy?

Contact us for a Full Pregnancy Evaluation. We will confirm viability and number of weeks.

Do you know which abortion procedure you will need? Do you fully understand what will happen during and after the procedure?

Our team can give you the information you need.

Do you know about potential emotional and physical risks and complications?

You are important and deserve to have all the facts.

Does the abortion clinic you are choosing agree to treat you for any of those complications?

Do your research to be a smart consumer.

Do you understand that it’s ok to change your mind?

Most women have questions and doubts. It’s totally ok to talk this through.

Have there been any lawsuits filed against the abortion clinic or the doctors who work there?

Do some digging and ask questions.

Do you have any STD’s or have you been tested recently?

We provide STD testing onsite at no charge.

What do you know about the fetal development at your gestational age?

This is important information that is required by the State of Pennsylvania. Get all the facts.

Are you feeling pressured to have an abortion?

No one should ever feel pressured to make an abortion decision. Our team will listen to your feelings and no one will rush you.

Women’s Choice Network provides pre-abortion services vital to your health and safety including pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and consultation. We also provide post abortion screening, abortion pill reversal, and other medical consultations with our Nursing staff. We do not provide abortions or abortion referrals.