Open Adoption

Adoption provides an opportunity to continue pursuing the life goals and dreams you have while allowing the 9-month pregnancy process to complete in your body. It is an opportunity to move forward with your life while also seeing your child live out their potential in the family you chose for them.

When you are considering an adoption, you review which adoption plan is right for you! Some choose to have an open adoption where they can stay connected in an organized way. Others choose to have a closed adoption where all information on both sides is completely confidential. Others may choose a mixture of both called a semi-open adoption.

Let’s talk open adoption…

An open adoption is one in which you would have the most information about your child. This is a very open relationship during the pregnancy and following the birth. You will be able to determine how much information or communication you may want with your child following adoption. They may send you pictures, letters, or even have special visits. This type of communication and determination happens during the adoption planning process. It is important to clarify because this is different than co-parenting. This is more about the type of information you would have access to and visits you might be able to expect once the adoption process is complete. In an open adoption the child will have the missing pieces of information provided for them and you will have the ability to watch from a close distance as your child grows and reaches their full potential.