Semi Open Adoption

Adoption provides an opportunity to continue pursuing the life goals and dreams you have while allowing the 9-month pregnancy process to complete in your body. It is an opportunity to move forward with your life while also seeing your child live out their potential in the family you chose for them.

When you are considering an adoption, you review which adoption plan is right for you! Some choose to have an open adoption where they can stay connected in an organized way. Others choose to have a closed adoption where all information on both sides is completely confidential. Others may choose a mixture of both called a semi-open adoption.

Let’s talk semi-open adoption…

This is a blend of an open and closed adoption. This is the most common type of adoption plan made. The exchange of information post adoption is done through a third-party agency or attorney. This creates a more formal style of on-going involvement and can provide space for the times at which a birth parent may want less information or involvement with their child. A semi-open adoption can become an open adoption should both parties be open to the arrangement. All of this and more should be discussed in making your adoption plan.