What’s My Role

Men: 3 Ways to Get Into the Game

Hey men, when a woman is making a decision about her pregnancy, the last place her man should be is on the sidelines. Women’s Choice Network wants men in the game. Leading studies tell us that the most influential person in the abortion decision is the father of the baby. Men have a voice. Men have an opinion.

What are three things a guy can do before she decides?

  1. Decide to take responsibility in her choice. Speak up. Get involved. Show up. Help her get the support and information she needs. Ask yourself, “What does it mean to me to be a father?”
  2. Determine to know the facts and choose your best future. Being a support means learning the facts and asking the hard questions. What are the procedures? What will they do to the woman carrying your child? What will they do to the child she is carrying?
  3. Dedicate yourself to supporting her and becoming the best man you can be. Be a voice in her choice. Listen well and be gentle. Tell her how you will support her and then do it.