Why Ultrasound?

Your safety is important, and you deserve the best possible information before you decide. If you are considering abortion, you’ll need the vital information that only an ultrasound can give. Along with a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound may be recommended to confirm the status of your pregnancy.

An ultrasound will provide you with three very important pieces of information you will need when making your decision.

  1. The Right Place. An ultrasound will tell you if the pregnancy is in your uterus (in the right place in your body). When a pregnancy occurs outside of the uterus, it is called an Ectopic Pregnancy. If this is not detected early, it can endanger your health and may require emergency treatment.
  2. How Many Weeks. An ultrasound will tell you how far along you are in the pregnancy. The number of weeks is very important when making your decision and if you are considering abortion, it will determine what type of abortion is recommended.
  3. An ultrasound will tell you if your pregnancy is viable. This means that the pregnancy is progressing normally. This is important to you because up to 1 in 5 pregnancies end naturally in a miscarriage. If your pregnancy is no longer viable, ultrasound can help you avoid an unnecessary abortion.

There is never a charge for an ultrasound at Women’s Choice Network.  We offer this free service because we care about your health and safety. We believe you should have an opportunity to see your ultrasound and confirm the viability of your pregnancy.

Contact us now to schedule your pregnancy test and medical consultation for an ultrasound.