After Abortion Support

BREATHE is an after-abortion care program that offers emotional healing to those who have experienced abortion. Whether having an abortion was a decision made alone or was the result of being pressured by someone else, the emotional aftermath deserves tender attention.

We provide in-person and virtual group opportunities that guide participants through emotional healing. Our groups meet every week for six weeks in various locations in and around the Pittsburgh area.

Even if abortion seems to have little impact on an individual, it is essential to take time and process these events. Whether it has been decades since the abortions or only a matter of weeks, attempting to process the emotions in isolation can lead to depression, anxiety, or many other undesirable feelings.

Coming together in a non-judgmental environment with others who understand, we can feel safe to open up about the past. In addition, by sharing our stories, we can learn to identify how abortion affects us individually.

We recognize speaking about the past can stir up unsettling feelings like fear and guilt. However, taking these vital steps toward self-care is possible, and we’re here to help.

Each BREATHE group leader has personally gone through the group themselves. These individuals have discovered that healing from abortion is possible and necessary to embrace life and walk in purpose. Each group leader has received deep emotional restoration and life transformation. Each leader is passionate about sharing this process with others and joining them on their healing journey.

Here is where your healing begins. 

Women’s Choice Network provides pre-abortion services vital to your health and safety including pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and consultation. We also provide post abortion screening, abortion pill reversal, and other medical consultations with our Nursing staff. We do not provide abortions or abortion referrals.